Initially I was a physics major student and at the time I thought science made me crave for answers to unexplained occurrences and phenomenon.

When I decided to change course and study graphic design instead, I was happy to discover that experienced the same hunger and desire for answers. The difference in approaching a solution is what I enjoy the most between science and design. One is based on logic while the other on emotion. There's always one answer for a science problem, but infinite solution for design.

While I was serving in the military, I was taught how to follow orders and how to lead a team. I learned how to politely reject ideas from superiors if it was unpractical. At the same time i would still respect them and keep the essence of teamwork.

I also fell in love with skateboarding learning new tricks. I enjoy the feeling of discovering something new and the sense of accomplishment from mastering new ventures. All these past pursuits and experiences shaped me into a designer who dives into new experiences with curiosity and boldness. I also have a bit of funkiness in me.