Chicken Ribs



'KyeReuk' is Korean term that translate to 'Chicken Ribs'.

When you eat chicken, chicken legs and wings are the most delicious and meatiest parts. However when it gets to the chicken ribs, they don't have much meat on them...mostly just bones which can be unpleasant to eat. The concept behind ‘Chicken Ribs’ is finding value out of things that are seemingly useless. A broken chair, an outdated table, and even an abandoned dresser—all of these are chicken ribs. If you have those chicken ribs, you might want to fix, repair, or upgrade them. To do so, you will need tools, knowledge, and space to work. The upcycling furniture workshop space 'Chicken Ribs' will provide all of these.

Beyond physical workshop place, CHICKEN RIBS is connecting people who is interested in upcycled furniture through social media. On instrgram @mychickenribs got more than 200 followers in few weeks, and people started to talk about their work and communicate each other. We found that there is a good opportunity that it can be a good community for upcycled furinture people.