JQ Times

font design

JQ Times is a display typeface that is meant to be used for packaging and magazines. The typeface is based on Times Bold, and then exaggerated its contrast of weight. This contrast creates a stencil typeface which however then changes as the type gets smaller. It doesn’t look as a stencil anymore, but appears as a super high contrast typeface because all the disconnected parts blend into each other. It's an elegant typeface, yet not too fashiony which makes it a versatile typeface.

JQ-Week14-Font_Design-Poster copy copy.png

The Canadians


The book 'The Canadians' is an existing book and I revamped to more interesting and fun to read.  The book is about first Canadians who is from Europe. They were pioneers of the Canada, so the book took a theme of traveler's note to make it look like they used when they pioneer the land. The intro, captions and quotations are hand-written. All the photo and pictures are printed on different types of paper and put them on the book. In these ways, the book became more personal and interesting.

The typeface 'JQ Times' was used for the title, running head and etc.

Exhibition Space2.png