Branding, Interactive Installation and Print

Rebranding of California Science Center. California Science Center is one of the most popular cultural entities in the U.S. Their exhibition is great for kids to learn scientific phenomenon in interactive and fun way. However, they are lack of the exhibition that for parents who takes kids there. The Scientorium is a science museum that provides learning experience both kids and adults. Science Center is renamed with Scientorium which means scientific educational place. It is much more memorable and concise.


Atomic History

Atomic History is an exhibition that is about the history of atomic theory. It helps the audience understand how the scientists thought about the atom and conceptualize atoms with atomic models. The posters are interactive, they provides a little more information about the exhibition through augmented reality, and make people curious about the exhibition.


The posters can be interactive with the audience. They are embedded with augmented realities offering a preview of the exhibition. The augmented reality makes the audiences more curious about the exhibition and gives more information that print cannot give.


The wall installation of Atomic History is interactive educational installation. The motion sensor detect the movement of the audience. Distance make the size of the blurb and when the audience is close enough to read the details the installation shows the informations about the atomic model that the scientists thought of.